The Benefits of a School Garden

There’s no doubt that everyone loves a beautifully landscaped outdoor area. When a home has a well-made, maintained garden is impressive, to say the least. When a school has a garden, there are a plethora of benefits for staff and students alike. Here are some of the top reasons school campuses should incorporate a garden with quality plantlife and greenery.

1. A Connection to Nature

When a school garden is installed on a property, it provides students at that school with a greater connection to nature. Too often, students end up in classrooms for continuous hours and they have no real connection to nature.

When a school garden is placed on-campus, it provides students with an opportunity to reconnect with nature. A number of scientists are beginning to hypothesize the effects of nature on children and young adults. In short, it is believed that it can reduce symptoms of ADHD and anxiety. When people have a connection to nature, they will have a greater appreciation for it and they’ll be more likely to spend time outside.

2. A Better Attention Span

When children and young adults are given mobile devices to play on during their breaks, it can affect their attention span. That’s because they’ll be thinking about their social media accounts during the day instead of focusing on their school work.

When the same people are exposed to a garden on their breaks, this can help to form a detachment between their mobile devices and school. If they aren’t checking their phone every ten minutes because they’re grounded in the garden, it can improve their concentration.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Finding the right plant options a large-scale educational setting is important. We already talked about this a little bit, but having a school garden can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your school. This will benefit you in a few different ways. For one thing, students are more likely to go to a school that they feel comfortable in. Without a garden, some schools can look dry and rigid. A garden adds beauty that can cause students to want to attend.

You can also recruit new students with a garden. When you have a school that is visually appealing, you’re more likely to have parents sign their children up for your school. If you compare a school with no garden to a school with a garden, and if they’re equal in every other sense, you’ll get more recruitments than the other school.

4. Agriculture

You can have vegetable or fruit plants planted. You can have students maintain the garden so that they have a greater appreciation for their own food. Not only this, but you can send some of the harvests home with students to reduce poverty and malnutrition. If not, then you can use the food in your own kitchen. This will reduce the amount of money you use to buy groceries in the cafeteria and as such, you should seriously consider installing a garden in your yard.


Gardens are appealing to all homeowners, however, they aren’t commonly discussed in relation to schools. School gardens can benefit the overall atmosphere and function of schools. Whether it’s for the overall aesthetic appeal or for the benefit to the students, the discussion about incorporating wildlife into the education system is growing. To organise the right plants and greenery for a school garden, contact our team of experts at TJ Wholesale Plants today,