A Guide to Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees are grown and cultivated for their aesthetic appeal, with their beautiful colours, interesting shapes and sizes and unique characteristics, they are a great stand out addition to any garden or landscape design.

These do require a level of care and attention. At TJ’S Wholesale Plants, our nursery includes a large variety of Ornamental Trees, Hedging plants and other various varieties of Plants to suit all of your needs. We specialise in large quantity orders, so we always ensure all our plants are looking their absolute best. Below is our short guide on Ornamental Trees.

Buying Your Ornamental Trees

When you’re buying all of  your plants, you should buy them from a registered Nursery. This way you can ensure that you are being given the correct advice from a professional nursery person for the plants you are purchasing!

Bare-Rooted Trees

Bare rooted Trees are distinguishable because they’re bought from the Nursery without having any soil over the roots and are not potted. If you’re interested in these Trees, you should know that they will be readily available to you over the cooler months of the year and a Nursery will stock the most variety throughout Winter.

Container-Grown Trees

The advantage of buying container grown Trees is that they are grown in pots to protect their roots while they’re in production. If you want to plant these Trees successfully, you should do so in Autumn, Winter or Spring. As long as there is some cool weather you’re fine to plant away!


With so many different kinds of Ornamental Trees out there; choosing the right ones to adorn your home or workplace, or simply just knowing where to start can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re considering them for a larger development or a commercial property. For more information about Ornamental Trees or any other plant related queries, talk to the experts at TJ’S Wholesale Plants or visit our growing wholesale Nursery today.